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“One Note”

The Borough Blues Club Newsletter
March 2006

Hello All,

Review of the opening night

What a band, what a night. Your club!!!

When a small group of blues lovers decided to start up a ‘small’ club, little did they know how successful the first night would be? The evening was opened by our Chairman, Mr. John Dixon, who welcomed everyone to the club, and outlined what the club’s committee was trying to achieve. At the end of his speech, John introduced the very first live band at the Borough Blues Club -- “Blues Infusion”

We deliberately chose this local band, to start the venture off, because one of the objectives of the club is to support local rhythm and blues musicians, and we had heard some good things about them, but what an inspired choice this turned out to be, with a selection of songs by the likes of: BB King, Albert King, Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, blues old, and not so old it was a fantastic night. It is no wonder that these musicians had such good reviews at the Upton Blues Festival earlier this summer. It just goes to show what a wealth of talent we have in the Eastern Valleys.

The doors were due to open at 7.30, but by 7.15 we already had a queue, so from then on we had a constant stream of members, and visitors who signed up for membership on the night, and by 9.00 we closed the doors as we were full, absolutely amazing! What really impressed us was that we had guests from other clubs, and it was good to see friends from Blaenavon Valleyblues, and from Torfaen Jazz Society, we even had visitors from as far away as Cardiff. There were many new faces not previously recognized from other music events in the borough,its just like going back to the 60’s, when R&B was seen as the ‘in thing’ and it had a huge following, lets hope that musicians with clubs like ours can keep this style of music in the ‘up front’. Again, we thank you all for your support.


Membership News

We currently have 164 members and we are now considering options to manage this number of members with demand for attendance at the gigs. The current venue can legitimately accommodate only a certain number. There were a fair number of comments on the questionnaires on the opening night stating that a bigger venue was required. Clearly, this cannot be considered on the basis of first gig of club. We need to establish a regular cohort of membership attendance at the monthly scheduled gigs to formally appraise the requirement for a new venue.
We appreciate that this may take several months and therefore a ticketing procedure on a first come, first served basis has been adopted in the interim.

Members are able to pre-book tickets upto 1 week before the gig, via committee members to guarantee admission on the night (at any time) with the remainder of tickets available for purchase on the night of the gig, first come first served basis – when the house is full……the house is full!!!!! Ticket prices £4.00 members, £5.00 non-members.
All tickets (including pre-ordered) will be issued on the gig night.

In addition, tickets will be available on 1st October for the next forthcoming gig (Built for Comfort – 5th November 2006).

Contacts for pre-ordering tickets:

John Dixon - Chairman (07836) 265504
Dave Lewis – Vice Chairman (07899) 936217
Adrian Powell– Secretary (07812) 032008
Lee Price – Treasurer (07909) 530147


Complete the pre-order ticket slip at the end of this newsletter.

Next Gig – 1st October 2005

3rd September was a fantastic live music event opening for the club, and now we must work for an equally good night for Saturday 1st October when we play host to the band “Tin Pan Alley”

“During their time together, Tin Pan Alley have appeared with the following blues artists:
Nine Below Zero, Eddie Martin, Danny Bryant’s Red Eye Band, Rab McCullough, Slack Alice, Todd Sharpville, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Paul Lamb & The King Snakes, Mo Indigo, The Spikedrivers, Rollo Markee & The Tailshakers, Little Stevie & The Business, The Rocky Athos Group, The Hampsters, Trafficker, Dr. JJ’s Blues Band, Trevor Burton Band, Darryl Davis, Connie Lush and Never The Bride, among others.”

“The band plays a wide range of material from the blues genre. From the up tempo rockier numbers, quieter ballads, jump and swing blues/jazz style numbers, they have amassed a wealth of material, which consists of a mixture of both originals and the classics of the blues genre.”

Future Gigs Booked

Tickets will be available at gig nights for the next event and via the committee members. We have been overwhelmed by the number of emails and interest from blues bands seeking a gig at the club, many of them local / regional, so our options for continuous variety is ever increasing.

5th November 2005 Built For Comfort
17th December 2005 Debbie Lear & Paul McDonough Blues Band
7th January 2006 TS Blues Band
4th February 2006 Junior Hacksaw
4th March 2006 To be confirmed

(All bookings are subject to change)

Club Web Site

For those of you with Internet access, we have a Borough Blues Club website, log-on to: - www.boroughblues.com

The site is very much in the ‘development’ stage but currently includes the club constitution, membership form, gig listing, ticketing information, a club message board / forum and some great links to blues websites. We will be posting newsletters, gig reviews and photos!

Please feel free to submit comments directly to the message board or send them in as formal gig reviews for publication.

Your feedback

Feedback forms were circulated on the opening night for your comments, many were completed and handed in – thank you.

The main themes were:

Size of the venue to small
As explained above in membership news - this cannot be considered on the basis of first gig of the club. We need to establish a regular cohort of membership attendance at the monthly scheduled gigs to formally appraise the requirement for a new venue.
Provision of Real Ale
We have approached the RFC to accommodate this request, awaiting their decision – let’s hope it’s agreed by 1st Oct!!

Lighting too bright.
This has been ‘tweaked’ and will be reviewed again following the October gig.
We also intend to upgrade the stage lighting at some point in the future.
Comments have been fed back to the RFC to look at the air conditioning unit. Additional consideration throughout the winter months is that the windows will provide additional ventilation without the need for drawing curtains.

Workshops / Open Mic Sessions

This is still in the planning stage with the view to have these up and running in the next year. We will hopefully be able to update you further in the next newsletter.

Communication with You

We feel that it is extremely important to be in touch with you on a regular basis. If you have an email address and we have not sent you a welcome email, please email us at info@boroughblues.com along with your membership number, name etc so that we will have your details for future communications. If we can keep postage costs down, we can spend more on club activities.

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