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“One Note”

The Borough Blues Club Newsletter
February 2006

18th February 2006 Gig Review – “Junior Hacksaw”

The band “Junior Hacksaw” has been around for quite a while now but the performance they gave us proved that time is of no consequence when you have an abundance of talent such as these guys have!

This fantastic trio comprises: -
On Drums – John Turner, on Bass – Pete Hurley, and fronting the band, on Guitar and vocals - Pete Matheson. Pete’s attitude to the blues seems to be “keep it simple, keep it sweet” and from the reaction of those members at the gig on the night, the attitude was sweet with them as well, but as I’m sure most people are aware, it takes a very good musician to make it look easy, and Pete is one of the best.

Junior Hacksaw ‘kicked’ off the evening with a BB King number “Every Day I have The Blues”, BB seems to be a firm favorite with most blues fans, and this version certainly lived up to the great man’s standard. Pete followed this with versions of the likes of; Down the Road, Hoochie Coochie man, (Almost an essential at one of our gigs) Ninetynine and a Half, Tore Down, and many more. All too soon the first ‘set’ came to an end, and then the bar-staff had to work double-quick to quench a lot of thirsts, which had been building through the first half!

The second set started with an instrumental number made popular during the 60’s with the Mods, namely; The In-crowd, done with an unmistakable blues touch, I can remember the original (unfortunately), but I must admit this version was far better. It is great to see that rhythm & blues music is enjoyed by the ladies as well, and we have a good number of lady members who support the club every gig, and the ladies like to dance so, on cue, Pete and the boys played a great selection of ‘dancin- blues’ and everyone was happy.

But all things must come to an end, and our gigs are no exception, and so after another fantastic night we had to finish, but not before the boys had played a number of encores.
Our thanks go to the members for supporting the club, and a special round of thanks to Junior Hacksaw, particularly as we found out that the main man, Pete Matheson, had in fact dragged himself off his sick-bed to perform for us, (the dreaded flu) Thanks Pete, we really did appreciate the effort.

Please keep supporting your Borough Blues Club.
And we hope to see you all again on:- 11th March 2006 for Snatch It Back

Club News

As part of our efforts to improve your BBC experience, we have made arrangements with New Panteg RFC to extend the choice to two ‘real ales’ on a club night. This was available from the last gig, Junior Hacksaw, and proved very popular with the members in attendance on the night. Remember, shut tap at the BBC is midnight!!

We are continually trying to improve all aspects of the club, especially on our gig nights, and table arrangement is one of them. We still feel there is room for improvement in this area, and we will be trying different arrangements until we find the best solution.

Keep up to date with news and such via the borough blues club website, which now contains all the gig reviews to date – including pics! (www.boroughblues.com)

If any member has an idea as to how we can further improve our club, please relay it to a member of the committee. It’s your club – you tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best for you.

*** A very important point has been posted on the clubs web-site forum by a regular and committed club member who was at the last gig!

Junior Hacksaw & “The Hum "- “We enjoyed Junior Hacksaw. We have seen them once before and remembered that they were worth watching and listening to. We weren't disappointed either. They produce a great sound and the singer’s voice is very distinctive, he also plays a mean guitar, I really enjoyed the slide stuff.

On a downward note, and I realize there is little or nothing the committee can do about it, but there was the constant background drone of people talking. This is a "blues" club, not the Derby & Jones or local working mans club where people turn out to watch whatever entertainment is on at the time and catch up with what friends have been doing over the last month. This is a club for people who are into Blues music, for people who want to LISTEN to a quality band playing the blues. Its quite something when the constant chatter is almost louder than the band. Please do your chatting in the interval and let the rest of us listen to the music.

At the risk of being unpopular, (when has that ever stopped me) can I suggest that those people NOT interested in LISTENING to the music find themselves another venue to chat about the price of onions. But then if you're reading this, you're probably a fan of the blues and not one of those doing the chatting”
(last sentence relates to accessing specific blues info from the borough blues web-site)

The name and email address has been removed from this message, but it does raise the point that there was in incredible amount of ‘chatter’ going on in the room despite the efforts to control it by the MC and this obviously detracted from at least two member’s enjoyment of the night.

In future, with respect to you, please respect the performer’s efforts, and also respect the fact that many members come to listen to the music and do not expect to have to listen to some selfish people who spoil it for them! You probably know who you are, so come on guys, play the game, we’re not asking for schoolroom silence, just a little moderation. ***

You can keep the feedback coming in via direct contact with committee members, (see bottom of page for names) or via the web site message board / forum, so please let us know your views.

Blues Workshop Project

A fact finding meeting was arranged for 15th February to ascertain what support would be forthcoming to the provision of a workshop by the BBC.
We had fewer numbers attending than we had expected, judging from the enquiries we had received up to this point, never-the-less the enthusiasm of those who did turn up proved that the project was viable and of course makes it more manageable whilst we are all on a learning curve to do these kind of activities. We therefore propose to start the workshop project at New Panteg RFC, on Monday 27th March 2006 starting at 7.00pm.
Everyone who accesses the workshop will be required to be a member of
We are still convinced that this could be the start of something BIG!!


Membership News

We now have approximately 195 members. To best serve our membership we have decided that we will continue with the current pre-bookable ticketing arrangement for gig nights (Buy your tickets for the next gig, at this gig!) for the foreseeable future. This will be the best way to secure entry for the next gig at the club. Tickets will, as usual, be on a first come first served basis with any surplus made available at the door on the night.

If you miss the gig, then tickets will be available via committee members depending on demand, again these will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so please contact us early to avoid disappointment.

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