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“One Note”

The Borough Blues Club Newsletter
January 2006- A Double-Helping New Year Newsletter !!

Firstly, the Borough Blues Club would like to wish all members and friends a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

17th December 2005 Gig Review – “Debbie Lear Blues Band”

This night, the band was as local as we could get – “The Debbie Lear Blues Band featuring Paul McDonough on lead guitar” (Debbie and Paul only live about two miles up the road and are members of the Borough Blues Club) and they gave us a great party night.

The band line-up:-
Drums – Chris Sefton – a superb musician, able to cover all styles of music.
Bass – David Cozens – Rock solid all night, pretty nifty with a bit of slap as well.
Keyboards – Peter Haggi – Blues, Jazz, Fusion, you name it, this man’s your man.
Lead Guitar – Paul McDonough – Stunning Technician, Unique style, and a guitarist’s player without doubt.
Vocals - Debbie Lear – Cracking voice with a down and dirty blues sound with sweet jazzy bits thrown in now and again to keep us smooth!
By 8.00 the house was virtually full and the party was in full swing, with the crowd building the atmosphere for what was to be a great night, with the party mood going all night long.

This was effectively our Christmas party and everyone was ‘up for it’ so:-
The band opened the first set with an instrumental “City Strut” by the Meteors a blues fusions style number, our members and guests took notice big time! Then it was Debbie’s turn, kicking off with an Albert Collins number followed by songs by Freddy King, BB King, Etta James, too many to mention or single out, just to say the first set was over only too soon – brilliant!

After a short break, the band resumed their performance with another Albert Collins tune namely “Ice Man” – great song, great rendition, guitar work from Paul was something else. The rest of the set was a mix of old and new blues numbers and these kept the party feel up and our members were really enjoyed themselves.
Debbie and the boys played their hearts out for us, in fact they played for over an hour in the first set, and for an hour and twenty minutes in the final set – and then ended up playing three encores to satisfy our members, soon it was midnight, and we had to shut up shop – the bar closed!!

All-in-all a great first Christmas Party night for the Borough Blues Club!
To all our members, Guests and friends and on behalf of the BBC Committee,
Hope you had very Happy Christmas and Thank you all for your support in 2005.

And now on to our New Year opener: -

7th January 2006 Gig Review – “T S Blues Band”

Without a doubt, was the way to start the New Year off at the Borough Blues Club!
The TS Blues band is a no-nonsense, down and out R & B band, time-machined straight out of the mid Sixties, if you like your blues rough and dirty, these are the boys to listen to!

This ‘Cracking’ four-piece band is made up of: -
Drums - Kirby Stevens Bass - Jeff Watkins.
Guitar and Backing Vocals - Jamie Wilkins. Guitar and Lead Vocals - Steve Johnson.

Yes, an unusual two lead guitar blues band, both dueling, and complementing each other. As usual we opened our doors at 7.30, and as is the norm now, we had quite a crowd waiting to come in, with everyone seeming determined to start the year with bang.

The house was three-quarters full at 7.50, and we entertained our members with ‘Canned Blues until the band came on, the scene was set, and the atmosphere was right, and we were ready and waiting for the first set.

The boys kicked off with an instrumental called Night Shift, this was followed in swift succession by a varied selection including; Crossroads (Cream style), Hoochie Coochie Man (Their own style!), You Don’t Love Me (this was ‘Moore-ish’ – think about it!, All Your Love (Very Clapton-ish), and Statesboro Blues, plus many more in between. The first set seemed to be over in next to no time, and we were able to take gather our breath during the band’s well earned break.

The second set started with a great standard, Driving South which ran straight into T-Bone Shuffle. We were then treated to numbers like; Reconsider Baby, Something Bout a Woman, Tore Down, and a fantastic Alman Brothers version of Stormy Monday, and of course no blues night would be complete without the sublime Steppin Out. By the middle of this set, our members were up and giving it some on the dance-floor – Yes; you can dance to real Rhythm & Blues! and this made the night complete.
TS played to the end of their set, but our members wouldn’t let them go, so they played two encores which took us up to the end of our night, by this time the band were beat, and so were we and we had to call it a done-deal.

In retrospect another great night at the Borough Blues Club, and a fantastic start to the New Year.

We hope to see you all again:-

18th February 2006 for Junior Hacksaw

Club News

Our hosts, New Panteg RFC, have been very co-operative with the club, and have allowed us to decorate the room to create the atmosphere we now have on our Saturday night gigs.

The top news at the moment is that New Panteg RFC have installed a permanent ‘Real Ale’ beer engine, and have told the BBC committee that from February on, there will be two barrels of ale available to our members to help us to create our usual Sunday morning hangover!! We have also improved the stage lighting to hopefully create an improved performance platform.

Keep up to date with news and such via the borough blues club website, which now contains all the gig reviews to date – including pics! (www.boroughblues.com)

If any member has an idea as to how we can further improve our club, please relay it to a member of the committee. It’s your club – you tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best for you.

You can keep the feedback coming in via direct contact with committee members, (see bottom of page for names) or via the web site message board / forum, so please let us know your views.


One of the original intentions of the committee was to create a Workshop Environment where blues enthusiasts, and musicians (experienced and novice alike) could meet at the club on a regular basis, to improve their playing/drumming/singing – what-have-you, (You tell us!!) in a mutual supportive setting.

We intend to hold an initial meeting at New Panteg RFC, on 15th February 2006 at 8.00 – 9.00pm, to pursue this concept. If you are interested, or know of anyone with an interest in this field, please try to attend this meeting, and let the club know what you would like to get from a workshop opportunity. We also need to know what resources may be needed.
We are convinced that this could be the start of something BIG!!

Membership News

We now have Nearly 200 members. And although we intend to continue with the current pre-bookable ticketing arrangement for gig nights for the foreseeable future, the best way to secure entry is to purchase tickets for the next gig at the club, and on the gig the month before it. Tickets will, as usual, be on a first come first served basis with any surplus made available at the door on the night.

If you miss the gig, then tickets will be available via committee members depending on demand, again these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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